Anna Devitt, Comedy & Confidence

Anna Devitt is a multi-award winning comedian, Speaker and Entrepreneur – She speaks regularly at events covering confidence techniques, presentation and confidence skills and covers her own journey of being expelled from school to attending dinner with Michelle Obama.
Anna embarked on challenging and changing the way we educate young people affected by mental health issues and who lack self-belief. In 2016 she built Comedy & Confidence ® Training Program which was accredited under SCQF Levels 3,4,5,6 and is a custom-built SQA Award. 2018, she opened the Comedy & Confidence SQA Centre and in 2019 she founded her Charity: The Staria Jones Creative Academy which delivers a bespoke creative curricular incorporating 4 SQA Qualifications building resilience through creativity and the candidates create an autobiographical story as their final showcase.
Anna believes “Everyone can learn but not everyone can be taught the same way”. Her goal is to have a creative curricular in all schools, that uses the science behind development and creativity to build the next generation with higher self-esteem and knowing their worth.

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August 12, 2020