Helen Livingston, Branding Boutique

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Helen Livingston is the founder of Branding Boutique, a brand communications and marketing agency established in 2002 and headquartered in Glasgow with a satellite office in London. Her previous experience includes working in a global advertising agency, television, events, education, and retail.

Her role is to deliver wide-ranging brand and communications strategies across a diverse range of business sectors, from tech startups to national and worldwide brands: clients with a message, a destination and a belief in their brand. Always thinking beyond the horizon, Helen loves to tell a story and help those businesses to find and tell their stories too.

Helen’s mantra is Love your Brand, Live your Brand, Be your Brand. Branding Boutique’s proactive change management approach brings focus to brands and businesses, working with boards, management teams and entrepreneurs on their strategy creation, implementation and evaluation.

In her personal life Helen loves “the weans”, they keep her fit and young and encourage more drinking than she imagined – now a real-life hobby!

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August 12, 2020