Nicholas Barton-Wines, Movers Group

Nicholas is a theatre maker and facilitator based in Glasgow and originally from Essex. His work is movement-based, devised, and interdisciplinary exploring themes of community, grief, hope and disruption. His work takes inspiration from graphic novels, sculpture, and the ways in which theatre incorporates the development of digital technology, and is currently exploring how collective theatrical experiences can ignite political engagement at a grassroots level.

He is a co-director of Movers Group, a monthly artist development programme which welcomes a variety of movement-based artists to share, explore and maintain their practice, and a co-leader of Bandwidth, a collective of artists that place design as a co-instigator of new work, with their production of NoMa currently supported for development in 2021. His most recent production, Satellites, with Natalie Songer, is scheduled for an East of England tour in Spring 2021. Other work has been seen at the Beacon Arts Centre, the Mercury Theatre, The Tron Theatre, Aberdeen Performing Arts, Traverse Theatre, Colchester Arts Centre, Seanse Arts Centre Norway, and on BBC Arts Online.

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August 12, 2020