Suzy Glass

Suzy Glass is an independent Producer and Cultural Consultant based in Scotland with more than fifteen years of experience working across the art, design and media sectors. She is interested in emerging and unusual contexts, focussing on sited and digital work. She specialises in bringing together design thinking with cultural projects to encourage innovation and systems change. She focusses increasingly on the role of creativity in inter-disciplinary projects.

Suzy has been involved in initiating, developing and implementing a number of national strategic programmes over the past five years. These include Sync, Scotland’s internationally acclaimed digital innovation programme, and Sited+, a research programme addressing the impact and potential impact of sited work in Scotland. She was part of the Learning Team on the Nesta / ACE Digital R&D Fund for the Arts.

Suzy is currently delivering a series called Digital Pivot for Creative Scotland, supporting artists, makers and organisations to re-think how they work. She is Executive Producer on Civic Digit’s first major project, The Big Data Show, and is working with the Experiential AI cluster at Edinburgh Futures Institute (University of Edinburgh) to produce an online exhibition called The New Real as part of the Edinburgh International Festival.

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August 25, 2020