Bobbi Jean Shields

How was it for you?

I really enjoyed SHIFT. I felt motivated and encouraged by being around creative people with similar goals who were discussing how to proceed with their initiatives. Hearing the speaker talk about their businesses and how they started was very inspiring.

Why did you get involved?

I got involved because when I was still in university I felt that I wanted to start my own business and felt a real drive to do so. Upon leaving university I knew that I would have to save up funds to get the materials I would need going forward. This period of building money to start the business got me into a rut where I lost all motivation to continue. I saw SHIFT as an opportunity to renew my enthusiasm and motivate me.

What was the most useful?

Getting everything down on paper and building an end goal for myself. While I knew my short term goal was to work for myself I didn’t have the ten, twenty-year goal to drive me along. Getting everything down on paper has made me feel really accountable. Looking at the steps to starting and breaking them down into, “What can I do today/tomorrow/next week”, makes all the steps seem manageable.

What have you taken forward?

As of Jan 2020 I have started my own business teaching sewing classes. I am gradually building clients and I am enjoying teaching. Talking with other creatives who have similar goals of building their own businesses also means that I have a network of friends with whom I can share ideas with.

Bobbi-Jean Shields

BA Hons Costume Design and Construction, 2018

Queen Margaret University Edinburgh

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