Drew Travers

Why did you want to take part in SHIFT?

I opted to take part in SHIFT due to the opportunity it gave me to network with other creatives who were in similar places as me in terms of their ideas. SHIFT also gave me the chance to meet, talk with, and listen to industry professionals and other creatives finding their way in their own businesses and careers.

How was SHIFT for you?

For me SHIFT was an excellent experience. I have made contacts and made friends through the course, despite not being able to meet them physically due to COVID. From those who ran the programme, to the guest speakers and my fellow participants, they all made SHIFT extremely worthwhile.

What was the most useful part of SHIFT?

SHIFT gave me the chance to have my idea heard by other creative business owners and the feedback I gained from them was the most useful part of SHIFT.

4. What have you been doing since SHIFT ended? Is there anything from SHIFT that you have taken forward?

Since SHIFT finished ,I have mostly been completing my practical dissertation for university as it had been delayed due to COVID, and attempting to keep my sanity during lockdown! What I have taken forward from SHIFT has mainly been the friendships I have made with fellow creatives on SHIFT. I aim to use much more I have learned from SHIFT once lockdown eases, such as the networking techniques and contacts I have gained to help turn my idea into a reality.

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