Emma Hislop

Emma Hislop is an Artist, Writer & Researcher based in Edinburgh. She was the inaugural Artist in Residence for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, recipient of the ESW Graduate Research Award and awaits a pandemic postponed residency at Assens, Denmark. She has written works for GENERATOR, New Modernist Editing, Edinburgh International Festival, Psyche, and a range of niche journal articles.

Hislop’s practice follows encountered language and environmental occurrences. Her current works explore filtration through material/water/light/craft/industry. Looking at (un)natural landscape bodies, curated systems and apparatuses, and drawing from research in particle physics, ecology, biomedical science and relationships between researchers and their instruments.

She uses experimental narratives of alchemy, sci-fi and pop culture to synthesise ideas as a cohesive translation into objects or looser weavings of writing and languoid play. Both encompass a duality of process and research led experimentations to evoke a sense of the semi-real/semi-fiction.

Hislop’s work endeavours to connect us to the in-between. Plains of communication unreachable by human senses and perception that supports the rejection of speciesism. She works with real data in her unreal but uncanny worlds, using mysticism and metaphors to demystify and develop a method of communicating inherently.

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