Leonie Rae Gasson

Leo (she/her) is a queer neurodivergent multi-reality director. Her work spans theatre, games, digital art and mixed reality projects. Current work includes lead artist on Gloaming – a Scottish-Canadian coproduction that fuses VR, dance, motion capture, live performance and ritual where an audience at sunrise meets an audience on the other side of the world at sunset. As joint Artistic of Director of Produced Moon she is creating a mixed reality response to international bestseller Einstein’s Dreams exploring particle physics and experiences of time.

Recent work includes HOTLINE for the Tron Theatre and The One with the Lockdown, a short film as part of the National Theatre of Scotland’s Scene’s for Survival, and Death Becomes Us, an immersive experience involving blindfolds, binaural soundscapes, interviews with a dominatrix, live music and a community chorus of European migrants to explore the Brexit campaign’s rhetoric of ‘taking back control’.

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