Maria Than

Maria Than is a Viet-British-French creative technologist, educator, activist & co-founder of design practice Ricebox Studio. Using AR, illustration and AI-generated content, she explores her identity as a chronically online Asian woman surrounded by themes of buddhism, over-productivity, anxiety, internalised racism, burn-outs & escapism. She has exhibited in London, Paris, New York and Toronto. In 2021, she became a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts, an award based on her period activism and AR work. She lectures in BA Graphic Design and in MSc Data Science and AI in the Creative Industries at UAL Creative Computing Institute, works part-time at Child Rights International Network as a Digital Designer. She is also currently a creative technologist in residency in the Story & Code programme at AIxDesign and is preparing for her first solo art exhibition in London at arebyte Gallery in 2024.

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