Michiel Turner

Michiel Turner is a multidisciplinary artist originally from the north of Scotland and currently based in Glasgow. His artistic work is environmentally focused and his latest project took place on the peat bogs of Achnacree, where he was hired to remove invasive rhododendrons from the quaking wetland. Michiel used this time to explore whether it was possible to collaborate with the land creatively, which resulted in him building a sculpture around one of the bog pools, entitled ‘Crescent Bog’, made from rhododendron, birch, sitka, heather and lichen. Much of his other works use film and sound to communicate ideas or narrative. In such works, Michiel fuses painterly visuals with surreal and harmonically rich scores of music and sound design.

In addition to his artistic practice, Michiel is a jazz guitarist and songwriter; he has performed across Scotland and worked as a composer with Magnetic North Theatre Company.

In 2020, Michiel founded anam creative, an organisation that (with the support of Creative Scotland and Youth Music) provides paid opportunities for young musicians and artists based in Scotland, taking a process-driven and collaborative approach. He currently runs anam with his co-directors Breagha Charlton, Ben Deans, and Lily Garget.

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