Natalie Wilson

I am an award-winning theatre professional with specialist knowledge of new writing, talent development and facilitation (creative and executive). From 2007 to 2019, I was Artistic Director of Theatre Centre, a renown and radical theatre company and Arts Council England NPO. I instigated and led a period of change for the company, developing its artistic relationships, financial resilience and entrepreneurial mindset. My focus as a theatre director and facilitator is ensuring a high-quality collaborative experience in rehearsal practice and cultural engagement, both in person and remotely.

Visibility and agency are key drivers in my work and I have embedded these values into my theatre making and activism. My experience as a maker and trustee ranges across all scales of performance; from the political touring theatre of 7:84 Scotland to regional producing theatres, queer community projects and arts festivals such as Glasgay! and queerupnorth. The underlying purpose in all I do is to show the captivating stories of hidden and rarely-seen lives to promote empathy and community. I am currently working across a variety of freelance projects, study and developing my own solo practice as a LGBTQ+ artist.

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