Niki Hutchison

Self-confessed grammar geek Niki Hutchison is a business and marketing expert who loves to help entrepreneurs discover how they can enjoy marketing, without the jargon. A Brand Strategist by trade, Niki has been developing strategies to grow businesses for over twenty years, including ten years’ experience as an entrepreneur. She launched her first business, a kids hip hop dance company, in 2012 and used her marketing skills to grow it to a team of 40 freelance teachers, operating within nurseries, schools and communities across Scotland. This was followed by her marketing agency, Enjoy Marketing, which launched in 2017 and delivers training for entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as done-for-you marketing services delivered by Niki and her team. Niki focuses on jargon-free, tried and tested, action-focused marketing methods that she has used (and continues to use), to achieve big results for her clients. Over the past 10 years, she has worked with hundreds of founders and corporate clients, delivering impactful marketing campaigns that drive results. Niki has also built a thriving online community on Facebook, Instagram and via her podcast, the Audience Growth Podcast, where she shares tips, deliver trainings, interviews guest experts on key business & marketing topics and provides a platform to support other entrepreneurs.

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