Prince Taylor

 I am so many things. I’ve been so many things. I’m yet to be so many things. I work with people to make change. I’m passionate about film. I’m passionate about people. It’s only since January 2023 that I have merged my passion with my purpose in a way people can recognise. That looks like me being co founder of an inclusive film company [Latent Pictures], a leadership coach and a boxing coach [SweatBox ABC]. This is where I do my best work. Just like the people who have put CEC together, I take pride in witnessing people realise their goals. I’m humbled by any goal I can contribute to. I thank my Ghanian parents for my perseverance. I thank South London for my edge. I thank boarding school for my ability to switch codes and thank God for my temperament.

I’ve worked with Rising Art’s Agency, Studio Susegad, Watershed, Arnolfini, BBC, The Barbican, East London Dance, Arts Council England, Generate Partnership, Gentle Radical, Cargo Movement, many more organisations and countless Freelancers.


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